Bio-photon energy plates

The bio-photon energy plates radiate bio-photon light particles (measured in Bovis units) under the influence of the cosmic energy. This way a positive energy cloud so to speak is produced around the plate. Everything on the plate, obtains a strongly increased photon energy (vibration energy).

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Our living area nowadays is subject to an incredible avalanche of wireless technologies, wireless phones, television antennas, radio frequency inhibitors, transformers, medium and high voltage,…

As a result malfunctions might occur by an excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation: insomnia, headache, chronic fatigue, …

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The AquaVibraCell devices energize and vitalize your tap water, reduce the amount of chlorine in the water and enrich the water with extra oxygen.

The operation of the devices is based on two principles:

  1. 1. a “whirling disk” that causes a well-calculated whirling of the tap water so that the water clusters break
  2. 2. programmed crystals that charge the tap water with positive information
Product information

Product information

Positive effects of the bio-photon energy plates:

  • everything placed on the plate, is brought to a higher vibrational level and obtains a strong energetic reinforcement
  • the polarity of the energy field is again right-turning (= constructive, health stimulating)

Each object has its own energy field and each energy field has its own polarity.

Pollution and electro-smog change the natural (right-turning) polarity into disharmonious (left-turning) polarity. A bio-photon energy plate changes the polarity back into natural, harmonious and right-turning polarity.

The bio-photon energy plates “plus” are plates to which germanium is added.

Recommended use

Place the energy plates under your drinks and food and let them charge for minimum 15 minutes. Or place an energy plate under your bottle of water, fruit bowl, … or at the bottom of your fridge so that everything preserves longer and with more taste.

You can also place energy plates without germanium under your bed, chair, electrical devices, computer, … .

The bio-photon energy plates are available in different dimensions and both with and without germanium.

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PHA2 fights in an efficient way against this electromagnetic pollution.

PHA2 is a self-installation kit that consists of 2 devices (VM1 and VM2), which once properly installed in your living area, eliminate the effects of natural and artificial electromagnetic pollution, harmonize the ambient air and offer a healthier area for people, animals and plants.

Positive effects of PHA2:

  • harmonizes the living area
  • helps to retrieve again a better sleep quality
  • helps your children to fight against hyperactivity, restless sleep, lack of concentration

Product information

Positive effects of the AquaVibraCell devices:

  • erasing the stored information and frequencies in the water memory by breaking the water clusters
  • separating the chlorine and harmful gases (due to the whirling)
  • adding fresh oxygen; water enriched with oxygen has a highly purifying effect
  • converting aggressive lime into harmless lime dust which can no longer deposit massively on surfaces
  • programming the water with new, positive information of the crystals

The AquaVibraCell devices may not be compared with water filters or chemical treatment systems. They distinguish themselves from other devices as they “reformat” the water and “enrich it with oxygen”.

The technology isn’t only applicable on tap water, but can also be used for energizing and vitalizing various drinks (non-carbonated drinks).