We care

With the Martera products we do not only want to make our customers healthier and happier, but we want to make a contribution to a happier society as well. Not only in Belgium, but also in the country of origin of our superfood juices / oil.

Right now, we support five projects: wild animal sanctuary De Zonnegloed in Belgium, the network palliative care De Mantel in Belgium, the non-profit organization SISP for training of and assistance to children and women in India, foodbank De Stamper in Belgium and Home St Joseph in India.

Home St Joseph India

Home Saint Joseph is located in southeast India in Konduru. It was founded by Father Solomon Raju (Indian) and Father Guy Moreau (Belgian) in 1992. They welcomed 300 children, orphans, street children or abandoned children, regardless of belief or religion.

The goal is to give the children everything they would normally find in a family: not only housing, food and clothing, but also education, schooling, fun and the opportunity to develop their talents.

De Zonnegloed

Wild animal Sanctuary De Zonnegloed vzw safes animals from gruesome imprisonments and gives them a place to recover. They make sure the animals can live together with conspecifics in spacious and appropriate enclosures. Animals that can’t go back to nature receive a new home where they can stay for the rest of their lives.

Recognised as European shelter/ Wild Animal Sanctuary by the European Alliance of Rescue centres and Sanctuaries.

For more information or a personal gift, visit www.dezonnegloed.be

De mantel

The network for palliative care De Mantel vzw is active in the region Roeselare – Izegem – Tielt – Torhout. We are responsible for the development of palliative care culture in this area and thereby provide the necessary support to healthcare professionals within different care settings where palliative patients reside.

Our goals:

  • make the development of a good, qualitative palliative care culture possible
  • promote continuity in palliative care
  • spread the palliative ideas
  • provide advice and support to help and care providers at all levels in the care and supervision of their patients

For more information or a personal gift, visit https://www.demantel.net/.


The small nonprofit organization SISP (Sebastian Indian Social Projects) was founded in 1996 by two Flemings in Vizhinjam, a poor fishing village in the far south of India. SISP aims to improve the quality of life of the poorest in the region. Without distinction of class, sex or religion, with particular attention to the rights and needs of children and women.

SISP managed to build over the years a strong operation with following pillars:

  • free second chance education for about 50 children and adolescents (between 7 and 18 years)
  • after-school supervision of some 30 children and adolescents
  • social employment of some 40 women and young people in the workshops
  • support of about 50 women’s groups by social workers of SISP
  • individual assistance on food, housing and medical care to the most needy.

For more information or a personal gift, visit http://sispbelgie.be.

De Stamper

The non-profit organisation De Stamper in Izegem provides food for people in a difficult financial situation.

The packages, prepared in advance by volunteers, are filled according to the specific needs and size of the family. Furthermore, toys and children’s clothing are also distributed.

For more information or a personal gift, send an email to destamperizegem@gmail.com.